2010: Second Odyssey is written by Jamie Austin Wilde and began online publication on June 17th, 1998.[1] It was completed on July 14th, 1998.[2]


9 years ago, the Discovery was left in Jupiter orbit, and the crew feared lost. Now China is sending a craft to recover the ship, claiming that it is now a derelict. The NCA does get some of it's staff on the ship though, Dr Tofu Ono, Ranko Saotome, Tatewaki Kuno, Dr Tsubasa Kurenai and Dr Ukyo Kuonji. For the Chinese we have Herb (commander), Shampoo Mousse, Pink, Link, and Dr Gai'do. Will this be a model of international cooperation, or will problems arrive? And what are the chances for the crew of the Discovery, stranded there for 9 years?[3]


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