A Better Life is written by Jonathan Ford and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at one chapter.


A world where Genma wasn't a completely incompetent father.[1]

In a world where Genma wasn't a completely incompetent father, and Ranma was a bit more intelligent, discover his chance for a better life.[2]

Ranma is raised by a Genma who isn't quite as big an idiot as the canon version, and Ranma learns he has talent and a destiny that go far beyond the norm.[3]

Ranma has already learned the Umisenken and the Yamisenken before reaching the Tendo training hall. He also has discovered a secret of his birth! And what's this? Someone is issuing a challenge and it isn't directed at Ranma?!!![4]

Genma is worried. He's got nothing left to teach Ranma, but he's not ready to head home yet. Have to go to China and find more to teach his son. Shortly after they arrive though, they run across a small temple that's under attack by armed men. Taking care of the problem is not too hard though using the Umisenken, but the dramatic use of chi attracts the attention of an old man called Li. He has a scroll that only the destined one can open. And when Ranma does open it, it tells him how to wield his innate magical powers, of a prophecy and a task he must train for to fulfill.[5]


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