A Change of Mind is written by Lucas Ricardo Liso and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


A strange boy falls from the sky into the Tendo Dojo. He's badly injured and the people that injured him have followed. About 15 ninjas. Ranma takes care of them and the boy is taken inside so that he may be tended. A lone ninja reappears and Ranma and Akane chase him. Meanwhile, the boy is dying and upon hearing that Ranma and Akane have taken off after the ninja, he gets very worried, asking Kasumi to help. Of course she will and the boy moves his mind into her body! He is Takeru Hattori and he knows a body swapping spell that those ninjas will stop at nothing to learn. The ninjas captured him before but he got away by stealing the body of one of his guards. Can he get his original body back from the ninjas?[1]


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