A Day and Night in Tokyo, Japan is written by Kyle Emmerson and was published online on June 30th, 1999.[1]


When Ranma goes missing, he creates a bit more trouble than he had hoped. When Akane and Ukyou set out on a mission to find him, they cause nothing less than a national incident...[2]

When Ranma simply up and disappears, it's left to Akane and Ukyou to try and track him down. But when it's discovered that he is the key ingredient in a terrorist plot, all bets are off.[3]

Ranma has gone, leaving a letter stating that he's ok, that he left because he wanted to, and that no-one should follow him. Akane is devastated, but after a while determines to follow him, with Ukyo. Even Nabiki is going to help. A chance encounter by Hiroshi and Daisuke gives them a lead and the chase is on...[4]


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