A Deadly Choice is written by Matthew P. Katinas and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


A demon is kidnapping Ranma's fiancees one by one, while plots within plots conspire to prevent him from saving them. And in the end, he will have to choose whom he will marry... and the others will die.[1]

Ranma has been captured. Fastened to a wall a voice tells him that it's time for him to decide. Akane, Ukyo, Shampoo and Kodachi are also held prisoner and he must choose one in the next 5 minutes. Whichever one he chooses, the other three will die, if he chooses none, all four and himself will die. How did this situation happen? Well, it all started with Ryoga stealing Akane's panties...[2]


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Chapter 1: Ryoga's Special DeliveryEdit

Chapter 2: Naresome no Shiatsu - The Massage of Newfound LoveEdit

Chapter 3: The Pen is Not always Mightier than the SwordEdit

Chapter 4: The Search for Kodachi Begins!Edit

Chapter 5: A Recipe for Love is an Invitation for DisasterEdit

Chapter 6: Ryoga vs. Akane - A Duel to the DateEdit

Chapter 7: Ranma's Double Dating DisasterEdit

Chapter 8: Ranma-otoko vs. Ranma-oniEdit

Chapter 9: Razor, the Amazing Backwards BoyEdit

Chapter 10: A Blade-Back EncounterEdit

Chapter 11: Ranma One Half-and-HalfEdit


  • Revised version is incomplete.
  • Followed by The Contract, also by Katinas.

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