A Different Art is written by Gregg Sharp and began online publication on October 10th, 1998.[1] It was completed on June 5th, 2000.[2]


What if Ranma had studied a different Art than Anything Goes?[3]

Ranma at age 6 gets lost and falls through a dimensional portal into another world. 10 years later, he's back, and now he's a powerful mage. A small accident drops him in the spring of drowned Amazon though. When he gets to Nerima he makes quite an impression on Kasumi...[4]


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Chapter 1: Ill Met in Nerima[5]Edit

Chapter 2: Home is Where the Heart IsEdit

Chapter 3: It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding...Edit

Chapter 4: Calm Before Extreme Precipitation Hits the FanEdit

Chapter 5: TravelEdit

Chapter 6: The Sadie Hawkins Race or, the Pursuit of Happiness, but Whose Happiness?Edit

Chapter 7: Aftermath of a RaceEdit

Chapter 8: ReunionEdit


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