A Different Viewpoint is written by Christopher J. Olsen and Pat Olsen and began online publication on January 24th, 1998.[1] It was completed on February 25th, 1999.[2]


Johnathan Dwire comes to Nerima to teach English. One day he notices a dark haired girl beating up about 40 students before work. Happens every day. She looks like she would know where Johnathan can practice his martial arts. Starts before the Manga, continues long after. Long complex story, involving many curses, Sailor Senshi, and loads of cats of various sorts.[3]


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  • Followed by American Vacation, also by Olsen & Olsen.
  • A Side story also exists in Cats, Youma, and Senshi, Oh My!, also by Olsen & Olsen, but this does not feature any of the Ranma ½ cast.
  • Some of the story was subdivided into parts with subtitles: From a Different Viewpoint (Chapters 1~4), Revelations and Revisions (Chapters 5~9), Confrontations and Expectations (Chapters 10~12).

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