"A Long Period of Waiting of Several Months (Scamfic)" is written by Matthew Trotter and was published online on June 26th, 1997.[1]


Ukyo ponders her grill.[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

Ukyo Kuonji is working at her grill and pondering the state of affairs between her and Ranma Saotome. She know if she starts cooking this morning at her grill she'll be there all day, addicted to cooking. She looks out the window and wonders about the nice day and perhaps trying to get a date with Ranma. Then her first customer comes in and she begins cooking. Shampoo then comes in for a visit, soon followed by Kodachi Kuno and the three girls begin insulting each other. Akane Tendo then comes in before a goddess wearing a bikini appears and asks after her fiancé Ranma. Ranma then wakes up, relieved that it was just a nightmare and turns to Tatewaki Kuno, who she has been sleeping next to, for comfort.


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