A Matter of Romantic Chemistry is written by Jack Reed Staik and Jillian Lynn Staik and began online publication on October 18th, 1999.[1] It was completed on March 8th, 2000.[2]


Ranma has taken Akane off for a week alone with each other (in the attic above the gym). Ranko is trying to find a place for her own, but first she has to lay a few ground rules down, especially to the Hentai brigade and Taro is here for vengeance. He's got a magical bridal that will force Happosai to give him a new name. Pity that Happosai's conversation mostly consists of goo-goo-goo these days! What's this about Ryoga's father and his wandering eye as well? Can everyone negotiate the romantic maze that's Nerima?[3]


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