A Perfect Day for Jusenskyo Fish is written by Dale Ratner and was published online on July 8th, 1998.[1]


Akari is in New York dealing with a depressed Ryoga after Akan discovered he was P-chan.[2]


Spoiler warning! - This article contains plot details about the events of this story.

Five years after the events at Jusendo, Akari Hibiki is in a New York hotel trying to get a free phone line to call Nerima. She eventually gets a hold of Ukyo Kuonji and they talk about how depressed Akari's husband is and how upset Ranma's wife is over discovering the truth about P-chan. They also discuss the Chinese Amazons having given up and returned to China and how Ryoga found and used the Spring of Drowned Man to cure himself after Akane's discovery. Later a family is at the beach and the youngest, a girl named Sybil, is taken with the depressed Ryoga who also visits the beach. She visits him again and they go out into the water to play for a while. Ryoga suggests that they look for Jusenkyo Fish and they spend some time doing so till she accuses him of making them up. Ryoga distracts her for a little bit before returning her to her mother and he ponders why he brought up Jusenkyo in conversation with her when it is still a raw topic for himself. He returns to his hotel room and kisses his sleeping wife, before sitting at the window and using his depression chi to stop his own heart.


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