A Real Man is written by Doughboy1001 and was published online on September 10th, 1996.[1]


After a Kodachi spiked the punch at a party, Ranma takes Akane home. When they arrive, Akane starts stripping off and trying to seduce Ranma. Little does she know that Ranma is *very* experienced.[2]


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Kodachi Kuno crashes a party hosted by Ukyo Kuonji and spikes the food and drink with a hallucinogenic drug that puts everyone, except for Ranma Saotome, into various hallucinogenic states. It turns Akane Tendo into a seductive temptress and Ranma takes her home. Back at the Tendo Dojo, he takes her to her room and she strips for him. However before Akane is completely naked Ranma fights temptation and tells her that they shouldn't be doing this, leading her to say that this is her first time as well. Ranma then bursts out laughing as this is hardly his first time.

Ranma recalls his sexual history, which goes back to when he lost his virginity to Ryoga Hibiki's older sister and the former walked in on them. Things changed dramatically for him after getting cursed because he now was able to know precisely how to make love to a woman, which made him much more magnetic to them at a subconscious level. After moving in with the Tendos, the first woman he slept with in Tokyo was Kasumi Tendo, who was receptive to his advances and gave him blowjobs without question until they slept together. However Kasumi was so spaced out when this happened that Ranma decided not to sleep with her again, only using her to obtain oral relief.

After having difficulty bedding other Japanese girls, Ranma discovered Shampoo, the most exciting lover he has ever had and open to almost anything except sleeping with his female form. When they were having sex on the roof of the house, Ranma was able to trick Shampoo into moving a few meters away from above Akane's room so that they were above Nabiki Tendo’s room instead. However Nabiki finds out and records the session, blackmailing Ranma into doing some dirty work for her and eventually sleeping with her. However it is her first time and she is so tense that the encounter is not enjoyable for both of them. However she decides to become a much better lover and a week later the two sleep together again, only this time the experience is much better as Nabiki had done intensive prep work. She also gets Ranma involved in three ways. In contrast, Ukyo is a rather boring lover and hardly creative. While Ranma cares about her, he will not marry her, as there is someone else.

Snapping back to the present, Ranma covers himself by telling Akane that it is odd since they normally argue and fight, but are now about to sleep together. However instead of agreeing to do so, he stops and realizes that Akane is different from the others and that he actually loves her. He confesses this to her and tells her that he wants to marry her. Akane admits her love for Ranma as well and suggests that they wait to get married before having sex. Ranma leaves her and nearly goes to Kasumi’s room to obtain some relief, but stops himself, telling himself that he is a real man now.


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