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A Stitch in Time is written by Michael Fetter and was published online in ????.


Through time, through space, Ranma learns that a hero does not always need to use his fists to help the ones he cares about.[1]

Something strange happened when Ranma fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl. Time collides as he is brought in contact with Kumiko, Soun Tendou's wife, and each try to teach each other to love, but can this life be brought full circle?[2]

Something strange happened when Ranma fell into the pool. His consciousness was flung back across the years to wind up in the in mind of a young woman called Kumiko, a girl who was dating Soun Tendo at the time. Now whenever Ranma becomes a girl, he returns to Kumiko and shares her life with her, looking through her eyes...[3]


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