Aa! Megami-sensei is written by Peter L. Ward and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at 14 episodes, the most recent of which was published on November 28th, 1996.[1]




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Episode 1: Changes in the AirEdit

Episode 2: The First DayEdit

Episode 3: A New Student at the Tendo DojoEdit

Episode 4: Media Blitz! Part 1Edit

Episode 5: Media Blitz! Part 2Edit

Episode 6: This Little Piggy Went to a Temple...Edit

Episode 7: Making Tracks Part 1Edit

Episode 8: Making Tracks Part 2Edit

Episode 9: A Potion for Your Troubles?Edit

Episode 10: Your Talent for Chaos Part 1Edit

Episode 11: Your Talent for Chaos Part 2Edit

Episode 12: Matchmaker, MatchmakerEdit

Episode 13: Demonic PranksEdit

Episode 14: Beach Blanket AmazonsEdit


  • There is also an "Introduction" which explains some of the background to the story.

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