Addicted to Love is written by Gregg Sharp (Chapters 1 & 3 only) and Christopher J. Olsen (Chapters 2 & 4~8) and began online publication on August 2nd, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at eight chapters, the most recent of which was published on September 2nd, 2000.[2]


Happosai and Mousse are fed up and hatch a plot to get their revenges. It involves drugged spaghetti, a party at the Tendo Dojo, and the record 'Addicted to Love'. The end result is a wild orgy in the dojo that none of them remember when they wake up! Of course a video was taken of the events by Mousse. That's not the only thing though, those herbs in the spaghetti do more than just induce lust...[3]


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  • An entry in The Bet universe.
  • An adaptation and continuation of Addiction (To Love) by Gregg Sharp (which serves as "Part 1" of this story).

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