After You is written by Nakigoe-chan and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at seven chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Eight years after the end of the manga and Ranma's departure from Nerima Akane and Ranma are reunited when an old friend gets murdered and they must work together in order to stay alive, find the killer...and clear their own names.[1]

Ranma loves Akane, he loves her enough to give her up as she found out too late in the aftermath of another fight. Eight years later, Akane is a struggling actress wondering where her next meal is coming from when Nabiki turns up with an opportunity for her. It's a part in a play called 'After You', which feels like it's all about Ranma and Akane, even if it isn't. She gets the part as well, and the person that gives her the good news is Hikaru Gosunkugi. Later than night she runs into Hiroshi. Just like old times. But things turn dark rapidly as Hiroshi is killed. Nabiki knows someone who can help in situations like this, and help is badly needed as things go from bad to worse...[2]


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