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Akane is written by Kirinin and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


One day Akane wakes up amnesiac, having blocked out the past six months of her life due to a recent trauma. Friends are deserting her and family is stepping lightly. The quest to find what's missing leads her to a dark place within herself. Is she sure she wants to remember?[1]

Life has changed for Akane. There's a huge hole in her memory where the last six months have been excised. Something important must be missing there, someone who had a great impact on everyone. Nabiki has been changed as well and everyone treats her differently from before. Who was this missing person, and what happened to her. Did she do it? Was she part of it? Certainly many think so. Can she find out how and why her life was changed?[2]


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  • Followed by Ranma, also by Kirinin.

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