Akane Phobia is written by Jose Argao and was published online on February 26th, 2000.[1]


After being hit by Akane so much, Ranma starts to fear her.[2]

After getting hit by Akane so much, Ranma starts to fear her subconsciously.[3]

What happens when, after taking all that abuse from Akane, Ranma starts to fear her on a subconscious level? Where does he go? Who does he turn to?[4]

All that malletting has taken it's toll. Ranma drags himself to Tofu's after the latest incident, and when he gets home again, a sense of dread feeling. Dreams of hammers flying at him plague him, and when he finally sees Akane the next morning it's too much. He runs in fear. Ranma has developed full-blown Akane-phobia...[5]

Akane and Ranma have always been fighting with each other. They fight at home, at school, in haunted caves, mystical islands, wherever they happen to be. And they also fight about the most trivial things. It doesn't really matter where they are or what they're fighting about, it almost seems as if they want to fight just for the sake of fighting. During these fights, Akane often loses her temper and puts Ranma into a world of pain with her dreaded "interdimensional hammer attack." In spite of all this abuse, Ranma always comes back for more, always lives to fight another day. But what if all the pain finally gets to him? What if he finds himself unable to come back for more? Where will he go? Who will help him? Who really loves him?[6]


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