Akane in Chains is written by Shadowlord88 and began online publication on February 10th, 2011.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 12 chapters, the most recent of which was published on August 17th, 2014.[1]


Akane's anger gets the better of her and she accidentally commits a horrible crime. Seeking redemption, she allows herself to be incarcerated in a strict women's prison. There, she finds a world of corruption and violence. Can she make it out alive?[2]


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Chapter 1: The Journey to PrisonEdit

Chapter 2: Searches and ShowersEdit

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Chapter 5: Sadness and ResolveEdit

Chapter 6: The First NightEdit

Chapter 7: Meeting EtsukoEdit

Chapter 8: Hard LaborEdit

Chapter 9: Kuno's RequestEdit

Chapter 10: Motherly InterventionEdit

Chapter 11: Watch Your BackEdit

Chapter 12: Fending for HerselfEdit


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