Akane the Dominatrix! is written by Diane and began online publication on July 14th, 2004.[1] It currently stands incomplete at nine chapters, the most recent of which was published on January 2nd, 2007.[1]


Another Amazon spell goes wrong but things are going from bad to pervert very quickly.[2]

Another Amazon plot and potion. Another bad out come... or is it? The spell works on first person they see after taking a dose in the eyes. Then the most inner sexual desire of that person is revealed as a thought to the person under the spell.[3]


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Chapter 1: What's So Wrong with Eyedrops?Edit

Chapter 2: Perverted ThoughtsEdit

Chapter 3: Shampoo Gets Into TroubleEdit

Chapter 4: Ranma's Plan...Edit

Chapter 5: All Tied Up!Edit

Chapter 6: Wash Away the SinsEdit

Chapter 7: Tongue Tied RanmaEdit

Chapter 8: Wanting ControlEdit

Chapter 9: Tell HimEdit


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