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Akane the Vampire Slayer, also known as Kyuuketsuki No Satsujinhan'nin, is written by Rick Hall (Instalments 2~4 & OAV only) and Dave Menard and began online publication October 21st, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at four parts and one OAV, the most recent of which was published May 6th, 2000.[2]


In every generation, there is a chosen one. A new Slayer has been called to Sunnydale, and her name is Akane Tendou.[3]

In every generation there's one. And after the attack on the Tendo Dojo by the forces of darkness, led by a demon-possessed Mousse, and the tragic death of Kasumi, Akane is chosen to be a slayer in Nerima. But first she needs training, so Akane and Ranma go to Sunnydale where they meet up with Buffy and all the crew there. Can Akane and Buffy withstand Mousse and Shampoo who will surely follow them?[4]


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  • A side story exists in the form of Ryouga's Story, also by Menard.
  • Plans were made for a spin-off to the story based around the show Angel as suggested by this post here: 26/11/99


  • TASS One Shots Award for October 1999, 2nd place
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for November 1999, 2nd place (part 2)

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  • 1 21/10/99
  • 2 09/11/99
  • 3 18/12/99

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