All-Purpose Jusenkyo Girl Nuku-Nuku is written by Corwin and Ginrai[1] and began online publication on August 27th, 2000.[2] It currently stands incomplete at three chapters, the most recent of which was published on October 28th, 2001.[3]


Ranma has a pet when he goes to Jusenkyo, but there's more to the unusual kitty than meets the eye.[4]

What if, in an alternative universe, a certain pink cat helped Ranma deal with the trauma of the Neko-ken? And what if they had visited the Valley of the Really Cursed Springs together?[5]

At Jusenkyou, Genma challenges Ranma to a duel. Ranma's pet, Nuku, a large pink cat tries desperately to warn Ranma of her bad feelings about the place. To no avail though. But as Ranma is falling, Nuku knocks Ranma out of the way, falling into the pool herself. Say hello to Nuku Nuku, the new girl in town, and very much attached to Ranma. And a few amazons, but that's something else...[6]


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