All My Outers is written by PsyckoSama and began online publication on October 2nd, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and three chapters, the most recent of which was published on February 17th, 2004.[2]


Life can't get any stranger you say? Well, Saotome Ranma and the Outer Senshi are about to discover that like it or no, they ain't seen nothing yet...[3]

Meiou Setsuna, Ten'ou Haruka, Kaiou Michiru, and Tomoe Hotaru. What happens when our fave chaos bringer happens to wake up amongst these four naked women?!?[4]

Ranma wakes up one morning in a strange bed... surrounded by sleeping girls! Looks like he's done more than just lie with them as well. What's even more worrying is the marriage rings. What on earth is going on here and how is Ranma going to deal with having four very amorous outer senshi as his wives...[5]


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Chapter 3: Flight of the Part-timersEdit


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