An Aestivalis for a Saotome is written by Tomas Megerson and began online publication on July 23rd, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at two chapters, the most recent of which was published in ????.


Gluttony makes Genma sell his son to the army, where the boy is trained to pilot aircrafts. When a year later Ranma is kidnapped by his father from the base he was at, he is a changed person. Experiencing the Neko-ken strengthens his resolve to leave his father and strike out on his own. A couple of years later, Nergal's agents make him a deal he can't refuse -- to come aboard the Nadesico as an Aestivalis pilot.[2]

From the manga and anime we know that Genma has sold Ranma before. There are plenty of people who feel that the good old Panda has sold Ranma more than we've seen. Well due to one of Genma's sales Ranma now has the ability to be a pilot. And now a company called Nergal wants him.[3]


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