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Anything Goes Laundry Service is written by James M. Zema and began online publication on January 8th, 2016.[1] It currently stands incomplete at five chapters, the most recent of which was published on March 30th, 2016.[2]


Intending to get Nabiki off his back and her fingers out of his wallet, Ranma takes on the not too heavy burden of helping Kasumi with her chores around the house. Of course, as with anything in the Tendo household, this simple objective is complicated by the past, other people, and a painful batch of misunderstandings. Still, how much trouble can a batch of laundry really cause?[3]


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Chapter 1: Whites[]

Chapter 2: Linens[]

Chapter 3: Darks[]

Chapter 4: Colors[]

Chapter 5: Delicates[]


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