Awkward Consequences is written by PsyckoSama and began online publication on April 25th, 2002.[1] It currently stands incomplete at a prologue and 13 chapters, the most recent of which was published on September 17th, 2004.[2]


Saotome Ranma and Tomoe Hotaru. The Wild Stallion of Nerima and the Senshi of Silence. What would happen if they were to meet? What would happen if the Harbingers of Chaos and The Silence were drunk when they met?[3]

Hotaru has a problem. A mistake she made at a party has come back to haunt her. She and Ranma both drank too much and now she's pregnant. She must find Ranma. Can Ranma cope with this? What of the Senshi and Hotaru's family. And what of Ranma's fiancees and other chaos that surrounds him?[4]


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Prologue: A Nights ContemplationEdit

Chapter 1: Unexpected RevelationsEdit

Chapter 2: What Price Honor?Edit

Chapter 3: The Afterglow of Life[5]Edit

Chapter 4: TruthEdit

Chapter 5: Family ProblemsEdit

Chapter 6: Settling InEdit

Chapter 7: Roasting on an Open Fire[6]Edit

Chapter 8: TrustEdit

Chapter 9: The UnexpectedEdit

Chapter 10A: Butting EgosEdit

Chapter 10B: Walking the Distance...Edit

Chapter 11: Nice Kitty...[7]Edit

Chapter 12: A Mother's LoveEdit

Chapter 13A: Maternal ResponsibilityEdit


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