Battousai and the Ruby Tiger is written by Michael Fetter and began online publication on July 10th, 2001.[1] It currently stands incomplete at two chapters, the most recent of which was published on October 28th, 2001.[2]


Ryouga arrives in Nerima looking for his friend, Ranma. The last he saw of the pigtailed martial artist was in the middle of a terrible war in China. Staying with the Tendous, the mystery of this warriors past is slowly revealed; a sad man who has lost his one true love.[3]

Caught up in a distant war, Ranma and Ryoga learn rough lessons about friendship and survival.[4]

5 years on Ryoga walks the streets of Nerima, looking for the Tendo Dojo. He's looking for Ranma. 5 years ago, they were fighting together near Jusenkyo, caught in a 3 way war between the Jusendo tribes. Beset by the Joketsuzoku they retreat into Jusenkyo itself, where Ranma ends up fighting a small redheaded Amazon. Defeating her, he throws her into a pool, only to be thrown into it himself accidentally by Ryoga, where he is just in time to see her die. And something happens. Now, Ranma looks just like the little Amazon, Rhu Bei, and is taken for her by the rest of the Amazons. And in order to keep Ryoga safe, she claims that he is hers...[5]


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