Black Moon - Eclipse of the Sun is written by Arthur Hansen and began online publication August 10th, 1999.[1] It was completed on May 1st, 2005.[2]


A new threat rears its head in Tokyo, but where is Sailor Moon? Sailor Sun and Sailor Io race against time to rescue the Sailor Senshi.[3]

It's time for the Senshi to take a quick trip back to Jadeites realm, just to make sure nothing untoward is going on there. When they are done, Ranma and Akane stay behind for half an hour to visit a place special to them. But when it's time to go home, something goes wrong. The recall device doesn't work, and when they finally do get back, their world seems to have been changed in bewildering ways. A new evil has reared it's head. Can the senshi be saved and the evil countered?[4]

After Akane becomes Sailor Io, she and Sailor Sun go to Jadeite's world to terraform it. When they return to Earth, the very existence of the Sailor Senshi has been wiped from the memories of everyone. What can Sun and Io do to restore the timeline when none of the other Senshi remember they were Senshi in the first place?[5]


Part 1Edit

After going back through the portal to Jadeite's world, the return of Sun and Io seems wrong. The Senshi never existed. Akane and Ranma were never married or even move to Juuban. Anything the two had on them at the time however, was still with them, and a marriage document caused even more chaos among the confused characters.

Part 2Edit

Sun and Io travel back to the Solaris, as Sun's space station was called, to re-awaken Chizuko, who also remembers the odd things that had happened. While there, Sun remembers everything important from her previous life. After waking up and going home, the two soon find the villain, Wise Man. Using an ancient time-travelling species, he altered reality, and brought about a destructive force to gain revenge on his family's banishment, in the future.

Part 3Edit

Sun and Io therefore have to make the Senshi remember. Wise Man already has Usagi brainwashed, to think that he is the good person, but the Senshi manage to correct that and they destroy Wise Man. The fighting takes place across the current point in time and in the future, where Wise Man has a huge force approaching Crystal Tokyo. Fortunately, Sun was able to destroy it while in the future.


Ranma attends a royal party as Sailor Sun where she is reunited with Sailor Io. There Usagi, as the new Serenity, uses her powers to restore the pair's ability to have children.


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