Bliss is written by Lara L. Bartram and Mike W. Loader and began online publication on January 9th, 1999.[1] It was completed on January 13th, 1999.[2]


Two young people, a man and a woman, wake up on the shores of a hostile, unnatural island. Their memories gone, they struggle to survive against a malign nature and the sinister forces lurking in the background. But escaping alive may turn out to be the easy part...[3]

A girl wakes up on a beach on a deserted island. She's weak, has been exposed for days and has lost her memory. A boy is also there, also unconscious, at the top of the beach. He also has lost his memory. As far as the two of the can work out there's no-one else alive here. The girl vaguely remembers the name Akane, the boy Ukyo. So starts their life on the island, fighting for survival against natural and not so natural enemies, and even against their own minds as terrifying fragmentary memories assault them.[4]


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