Blood Blade's Best of Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction was an archive for various Ranma ½ fan fiction that caught the eye of the maintainer. It was launched in ???? and maintained by Stephen Sparrow. It appears to have become no longer available by the end of 2004.


I've been a large fan of Ranma ever since I've gotten into anime about three years ago, and more recently, Ranma fanfics. Through searching the web I've come across hundreds of fics, some good, some not so good, a few truly excelent pieces and a couple I wish I'd never set eyes on. The original idea for this page came from a time when I was trying to load up a fic. The site obviously had other plans that day and decided not to behave and this is when I first thought "Gee, isn't it too bad that I can't get this anywhere else." So here I am now with my own site which I've dedicated to the very best and funniest fics and recognizes the hard work and dedication each author has put into their stories.[2]



The following authors had one or more of their works hosted on the site:

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