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Body and Souls, also known as Crippled - Body and Souls, is written by Kevin D. Hammel (excluding Episode 3) and Bryan Neef (Episode 3 only) and began online publication on December 30th, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at seven instalments, the most recent of which was published online on December 29th, 2000.[2]


As in The Bet: Crippled, Ranma is crippled by Shampoo while she was chasing Ranma-chan. Nodoka sees the crippled Ranma in the hospital and disowns him for being not manly. But she spares his life because she can't bring herself to kill a cripple. There doesn't seem to be much left for Ranma. But who is this 'secret admirer' who has sent Ranma such a nice wheelchair?[3]

Akane choses the wrong moment to berate Ranma about Shampoo, back when the Amazon first came to Nerima. Now Ranma has to deal with being abandoned by everyone he'd ever cared about. How can he be a martial artist when he's living in a wheelchair?[4]

Things go horribly wrong when Shampoo first visits Ranma... to kill 'her'. Unable to walk... alone... he tries to cope with the aftermath.[5]


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