Can it Get Any Worse? is written by Jonathan Ford and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


Ranma is stuck with the job of teaching the Sailor Senshi magic.[1]

Ranma is cynical sociopathic mage that has more demonic friends than human ones. This is the story of what happens when he is tricked into teaching the Sailor Senshi magic. Chaotic callousness meets magically reinforced naiveté.[2]

When Genma attempted to teach Ranma the Nekoken, certain 'people' came to his rescue, and decided to adopt him and teach him their secrets. Ranma became a sorcerer, and his path eventually led him to Juuban... Where his life really took a strange turn![3]

Sailor Pluto's manipulating backfires when she brings a Ranma capable of magic into the picture.[4]

Ranma is being attacked by the Sailor Senshi. Something to do with the evil aura he's putting out. Well he does hang out with demons a fair bit, they're not that bad when you get to know them. Setsuna however has a deal for him. She'll give Ranma a great disguise and mask the evil energy that he naturally emits (which makes him a target for devil hunters) if he'll give the Senshi some magical training. Sounds good. Of course Ranma is less pleased when he discovers one of the side effects of the masking spell. At least she's cute! But Setsuna is going to pay...[5]


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