Cats Have No Tears is written by Joseph A. Johnson and began online publication only April 12th, 1999.[1] It was completed on April 10th, 2000.[2]


Akane is missing and presumed dead. Is she really gone? What's with the strange words written in blood? "Akane Lives!"[3]

Akane awakes slowly to discover that she has been changed into a cat! Cu-lon and Mu-tsu have worked some magic to transfer Shampoos curse to her, locking her as a cat and curing Shampoo. It's not stable for the next 18 days, so she must be kept captive until then. Can Akane escape and regain her humanity? The Amazons are dangerous and cunning foes, and Ranma and the Tendos don't even know that anything is wrong with Akane. As far as they are concerned, she's in Hawaii...[4]


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