Crossover can refer to one of the following:

  • Crossover - by Mark Latus: Someone is doing something odd with quantum resonators. Before we know what's happened, another Ryoga turns up at the Tendo Dojo. This one turns into a girl when wet! And that's not the end, More and more Ryogas turn up, What on earth is going on![1]
  • Crossover - by Faith Kathrine N. Sarver: What if all the superheroes all met? Something has kept them apart before now, but now they are together. The Golden Glaxial Crystal has been found. Naru (Molly) has her memories back. She was married to WHO? Why does Lita have a Pikachu? Wait, if all the heroes are getting together are the villains. Our mysterious ally seems to think so. Universal Salidihm Imagine knows all, but what does she have to say? She says it all revolves around Madison.[2]


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