Crossover-fics fall into two categories. The largest is the crossover where the Ranma ½ universe encounters the universe of another fictional creation, such as Star Trek for example. The second type of crossover is within the various fan fiction universes created by the writers.



Type 1 CrossoverEdit

This is where the characters of Ranma ½ interact with those of another fictional creation. Given that Ranma ½ is of Japanese manga/anime origins, it is unsurprising that the majority of fictional universes it is crossed with come from that same stable. Of those, Sailor Moon currently holds the tag of universe most crossed with.


A variety of the Type 1 crossover-fic where the characters of one or more franchises replace the established characters in yet another franchise. So rather than Ranma meeting Usagi Tuskino of Sailor Moon, he replaces her in the Sailor Moon universe/narrative.

Type 2 CrossoverEdit

This is the intra-fan fiction crossover and is typified by stories such as Definitions of Hell (which crosses the fictional universes of Thy Inward Love and Thy Outward Part).

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