Dark Side of the Moon is written by Crescent Pulsar and began online publication in ????. It currently stands incomplete at one chapter.


A new evil threatens the universe, and an unexpected martial artists becomes a vital player for its salvation: Ranma. What is his destiny? What are his ties with the senshi? Who is the mysterious woman that knows Ranma, who doesn't recognize her at all? And just who IS Ranma, anyway? Is he one of the best martial artists in the world, or is she a new senshi? Find out, as Ranma confronts his destiny and fights the evil that originated in the Silver millennium.[1]

Ryoga has challenged Ranma to a duel and even for him, he's late. Ranma is getting a little worried and is searching for him. However his search is interrupted when he spots a demon killing people. Of course he rushes in to fight it. Well, he found Ryoga, but the demon is just too much for both of them and Ranma is knocked out. In his mind he meets a strange girl. The spirit of the girl who drowned in the spring, and the reincarnation of a warrior from the Silver Millennium. The Senshi of the Dark Side of the Moon...[2]


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