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Destiny's Child is written by Duncan Zillman and began online publication on November 24th, 1998.[1] It was completed on August 22nd, 2000.[2]


Suffering under the curse of Jusenkyo's Spring of Drowned Young Girl, Ranma is forced to live as an eternally young girl, only aging as his male body does. Over the centuries, Ranma meets and befriends many people until he is finally offered hope for a cure. All that remains is to survive as Daimons abound, forcing the Sailor Senshi into conflict with not only their elusive enemy, but each other also.[3]

In the late 16th century, Genma took his son Ranma to the training ground at Jusenkyo. After the inevitable dunkings, Genma is now a panda, and Ranma is a 12 year old girl. Warm water will change Genma back, but it takes nearly boiling water to change Ranma back. In addition, his girl form never ages. Inevitably Ranma has to watch Akane grow old and die while he never changes. After wandering the world for 400 years, she finds herself back in Japan, where she now goes by the name of Tomoe Hotaru...[4]

Ranma is born in the 1600's and eventually marries Akane Tendo. unfortunately his curse is only reversed by BOILING hot water. Also he doesn't age while cursed. And finally his cursed body's age is that of a 12 year old. Ranma now uses the name Tomoe Hotaru when in his cursed state...[5]

Ranma fell into the pool of drowned YOUNG girl three hundred years ago. Needing almost boiling water to remain in his birth form, he makes a pact with Mistress 9 to free him from his curse. Needless to say, she has a hidden agenda... although he does not know it, Ranma's heritage lies in the Silver Millenium.[6]


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