Dual Destinies is written by Hung Nguyen and began online publication in ????. It was completed in ????.


Ranma finds out that his curse is just the beginning.[1]

Where one becomes two and the &%@# hits the fan.[2]

Ranma Saotome finds out that Kami-sama had a very good reason for dunking him into the spring of Drowned Girl.[3]


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After the second incident with the Baku Neko, Ranma's life is just not going his way, even worse than usual. It was then that he wass met by a pair of immortal twins with Godlike powers, Soren, and Taron. They tell Ranma that he is actually the Chosen Twins for the final battle with the denizens of the Dark World. As Ranma is an only child, they reveal another shocking truth: his body houses two souls due to interference from the Dark World destroying his brother's body while in Nodoka's womb. They separate the souls into two Ranmas, now dubbed Ranma Red and Ranma Blue.

They get their affairs in order before they start some serious training with Soren and Taron: They reunite with Nodoka, Ranma Red and Ranma Blue proclaim their love for Shampoo and Ukyo respectively, take down Ryoga and Mousse in duels of honor, and break off the Tendo-Saotome promise of uniting the schools.

More drama unfolds as the Dark World is determined to kill Ranma Red and Ranma Blue in order to ensure that they take over reality.


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