Equal Halves is written by Deborah Goldsmith and began online publication on December 29th, 2000.[1] It was completed on January 3rd, 2001.[2]

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Two different versions of Ranma cross paths.[3]
After a wish by the Blue Thunder of Fuurinkan High School, two different versions of Ranma cross paths.[4]
When a certain wishing rock hears the wish of Tatewaki that the students at Furinkan High see the truth as he sees it regarding Ranma and the pig- tailed goddess, the rock decides to grant the wish by transporting Ranko from Genma's Daughter into the canon Ranmaverse! What will the people there make of an onna-Ranma who not only looks female, but IS female? And when Ranma returns from a trip, what will he make of it? Maybe something good will come of it?[5]

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