Featherbrite's Tale is written by Gregg Sharp and began online publication on October 3rd, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at fourteen chapters, the most recent of which was published on July 5th, 2000.[2]


In an alterniverse, Ranma finds an imaginary friend, or is she...[3]

Just after Ranma left Ukyo, he finds a HUGE spider. Hurriedly he splatted the spider with rocks and a tree branch and frees a pixie that had been caught in the web. The pixies name is Featherbrite, and from now on, she attaches herself to the young Ranma. Featherbrite interferes many times in Ranma's life from that point on. mostly to Ranma's benefit...[4]

The Bet was won, the race is done. Now Titania's entry spins its tale, and forces that would not have intersected the Mortal Plane are unleashed.[5]


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Chapter 1: A Nervous ChildEdit

Chapter 2: Annoying New Challenge or... Wings Over NerimaEdit

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 4: Another New Complication or... Kasumi's New Friend[6]Edit

Chapter 5: Arrested? No. Captured! or... Shampoo the Vampire Slayer[7]Edit

Chapter 6: Some Interest or... Sober Introspection[8]Edit

Chapter 7: Ucchan's Cat Cafe, or Love ShackEdit

Chapter 8: The Cat Came Back or Sailor Rose?!?Edit

Chapter 9: Dark Kingdom Follies, or Nabiki Come Home?Edit

Chapter 10: Ukyo's Terrible Vengeance, or Hello KittyEdit

Chapter 11: Satyr Moon? or Nabiki Knows BestEdit

Chapter 12: Shampoo's LetterEdit

Chapter 13: Kidnapped?! The Lunacy of Zed!Edit

Chapter 14: The Secrets of Silver? Well, Why Not?Edit


  • The winning entry in The Bet (Titania's entry).
  • A side story, also by Sharp, exits in the form of Scarlet Diary.
  • A guide to the original characters was posted here: 05/11/99
  • In the revision Chapters 1~6 were condensed down to five chapters.


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