For the Sake of the Children is written by Anand Rao and began online publication on December 30th, 1997.[1] It currently stands incomplete at ten chapters, the most recent of which was published on March 8th, 2000.[2]


The fourth child has been located, and it's Ranko Saotome, Ranma's daughter Ranma and Ranko go to a trial, to check out the new unit, and while there, an Angel attacks. Seems Ki blasts go right through AT fields...[3]

Find out what happens where Ranko Saotome, daughter of Ranma and Akane Saotome becomes the Fourth Child and pilots an Eva for the first time. What happens when Unit 03 is invaded by an Angel during her test run? Can even the Master of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts save her?[4]


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Chapter 1: A New PilotEdit

Chapter 2: The Power of KiEdit

Chapter 3: A Physical Trainer?Edit

Chapter 4: Old Friends and New StudentsEdit

Chapter 5: Not Without a FightEdit

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Chapter 7: GoodbyeEdit

Chapter 8: A Past Revisited - Part 1Edit

Chapter 9: A Past Revisited - Part 2Edit

Chapter 10: Project NovaEdit


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  • Chapter 1 30/12/97
  • Chapter 2 31/12/97
  • Chapter 3 03/01/98
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5 14/02/98
  • Chapter 6 17/03/98
  • Chapter 5 (revision) 17/03/98
  • Chapter 6 (revision) 18/03/98
  • Chapter 7 22/04/98
  • Chapter 8 03/06/98
  • Chapter 9 15/10/98
  • Chapter 10 08/03/00

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