Fragments is written by Ling and began online publication on January 12th, 2001.[1] It was completed on November 4th, 2002.[2]


A past that no one believes, a future that's impossible; the lives of the nerima crew twelve years afterward are very different from what anyone ever imagined...[3]

After Ranma's death, Nabiki has done well with her life. Everything is going great until one day 12 years on, she catches a glimpse of almost incandescent red hair. 12 years ago, Ranma died in a duel with Yuki Tanakawa, taking her with him, but who was that? Nabiki has to find out. And in a certain apartment, a girl lives with her husband, both of them having found such happiness together that they were willing to give everything up to be with each other.[4]


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