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Genma Saotome is Ranma Saotome's father and sole parental figure for most of his life.


Genma is a genuinely talented martial artist, but also a man of many faults, including laziness, greed, and self-centeredness. He does genuinely love his son and want what's best for him, but he is capable of being extremely childish and often doesn't realize that "best for Ranma" and "makes Genma happy" are not necessarily the same thing.

He takes Ranma on a continuous training trip to perfect his skills, and his wife, Nodoka, makes him promise to turn Ranma into a "man-among-men" under the threat of forcing them to commit seppuku. During their training, Genma falls into a cursed spring, which gives him a giant panda curse. He and Ranma eventually return to Japan to fulfill an arranged marriage between Ranma and Akane to keep the school going. He hides from his wife by staying as a panda while she is around, and she simply believes Ranko, Ranma's female form, has "Mr. Panda" as a pet.

Genma follows his own interpretation of the Anything Goes Martial Arts code, which isn't exactly all that virtuous itself to begin with. Though he himself claims to be a model martial artist, and makes a point of telling Ranma about the right thing to do, he is not above acting cowardly, stealing a dowry, or only looking out for his own well being. He is very open with his panda form, and regularly uses it to avoid people. He speaks by writing on wooden signs which he seems to pull out of a type of hammer space in that form. Genma is an extremely proficient martial artist. He is extremely strong and agile despite his size, and his panda form increases his abililities even further.

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Fanon TraitsEdit

  • Often portrayed in a villianous light in fanfic with outsiders or his own wife horrified at his treatment of Ranma during their traning trip.
  • Always calls Ranma a girl as an insult despite only doing so once in the source material.
  • Always tries to foist his troubles onto Ranma.
  • Is often obsessed with pairing Ranma and Akane together, even if the two have broken up in the story amicably.
  • If not protrayed as a villan, he is protrayed as a coward.
  • Sometimes protrayed as seeing women as the weaker sex

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