Hearts' Healing is written by D.F. Roeder and began online publication on August 13th, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at four instalments, the most recent of which was published on December 22nd, 2000.[2]


When Saotome Ranma falls into the Nyanniichuan, his thoughts are far from the martial arts his father is teaching him. Already anguished and despairing, he rises from the pool with his trademark curse, but his mindset forces him away and sets his feet on the path to a future meeting that will forever change his destiny and the destinies of others.[3]

At Jusenkyo, a Ranma, who was already doubting his worth in his mothers eyes, due to some comments by Genma, becomes cursed. She runs off and makes her way on her own as best as she can. Later, in Japan, a fortunate encounter with Dr Tofu results in him being adopted by him and beginning a new life. Ryoko has her own problems. She has finally lost her battle to win Tenchi, and she's having trouble coping. A chance encounter signals the start of something special for them both.[4]

Only Ranma is cursed at Jusenkyou. Instead of chasing his father, he runs away knowing that he's a disappointment to his mom's vision of a 'Manly Man'. Over at the Masaki Shrine Tenchi has made his choice. What happens when a disgruntled aquatransexual martial artist and a snubbed alien suitor meet up?[5]

Alone, friendless, and homeless, Ranma is taken in by a familiar character and given a new family, a turning point that eventually leads to meeting the love of his life, years later and in a most discouraging manner.[6]

Fleeing his father after Jusenkyo, Ranma Saotome returns to Japan and is adopted by Dr. Tofu. Later, as a medical student, he runs into Ryoko, drowning her sorrows at losing Tenchi Masaki to another. Is love in the air?[7]


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  • Story divided in three parts:
  • Hearts' Healing
  • Hearts' Healing Interlude - Wedding
  • Hearts' Healing 2 - The Paths of Honor

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