Hearts of Ice is written by Krista Perry and began online publication on August 19th, 1996.[1] It was completed on June 20th, 2009.[2]


A Ranma 1/2 Tale of adventure and romance, myth and magic, love and revenge.[3]

Shampoo casts a spell with dragon blood and sends Akane to the realm of gods and demons. Ranma decides to get her back, and nothing -- not even insanity or death -- will stop him.[4]

Akane Tendo, despite all the arguing and protests to the contrary, has long stood in the way as the holder of Ranma's heart. This by the way has always stuck as a painful thorn in the sides of his other three fiancees: Ukyou, Kodatchi and Shampoo. Each of these three has on one occasion or another, contemplated removing this obstacle to Ranma's affections, and while extremely skilful, and sometimes violent, none are truly capable of such a cold blooded act. Besides, in the end, they all know that Ranma would hate them for killing her, not to mention all her friends and family. But what if... no one remembered her? As a descendant of the ancient Amazon tribe Joketuzoku, Shampoo has access to arcane and powerful knowledge. She has discovered a way to remove Akane from the picture, with no one the wiser for it, and at long last, Ranma will be hers. Or will he? Love knows no bounds. No distance can diminish it, no force can beat it down, no barrier can bar its way, but can it over come... this?[5]

Shampoo is determined to win Ranma. So much, that with the help of Cologne and some dragons blood, she's going to cast a spell that ensures that she'll get her man. And when the spell is cast, it's effects are indeed terrible. Akane is flung from this world onto the Kami plane, and Ranma, he continually hears voices in his head telling him that she's still alive but that he'll never see her again. Are those voices correct? Both Ranma and Akane will do anything to prove them wrong, and to be together again...[6]


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  • TASS Awards Award for Annual 1997, 2nd place
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for December 1999, 1st place (part 22)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for December 1999, 2nd place (part 20)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for December 1999, 3rd place (part 19)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for Annual 1999, 3rd place (part 22)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for Annual 1999, 5th place (part 20)
  • TASS Continuing Series Award for Annual 1999, 7th place (part 19)
  • Taleswapper's Ranma Fanfic of the Year 1997

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