Herb is the ruler of the mysterious Musk Dynasty in deepest China and one of Ranma's most dangerous rivals.


Like Ranma, he also changes into a girl when coming into contact with cold water. An unfortunate accident involving the Nyanniichuan and the Ladle of Locking ensured, and so (s)he comes to Nerima in search of the Kettle of Opening, which will undo his problem. He locks Ranma in his female form during their first encounter and gets the better of him until their final battle. A battle where Ranma only managed to beat Herb by coming up with a reversed version of the Hiryu Shoten Ha that both took advantage of Herb's ability to make it suck up Ranma instead of Herb and sucked in all of the ki energy that Herb had been throwing around. The result was a downward-aimed blast of energy that caught Herb and smashed him against the ground with such force that the mountain couldn't take any more punishment.

When Ranma saved Herb's life after their battle, he says that his outmatched opponent may have been a man to be reckoned with after all. Showing that Ranma earned his respect at the end.

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