Honor and Love is written by Kevin D. Hammel and began online publication on December 4th, 1998.[1] It currently stands incomplete at 11 episodes, the most recent of which was published online on January 12th, 2004.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

What if only Ranma came back from Jusenkyo... And Nodoka Lived in Juuban?[3]
Ranma arrives at his mothers house in Juuban. His father was killed at Jusenkyo and both of them grieve. But Nodoka is worried that Ranma thinks that girls are weak, and makes him attend school as a girl so that he can better understand them. Besides, it's easier to avoid hot water than cold. While at school, Kikuko (as Ranma is known in girl form) is befriended by Makoto, until an accident in the showers reveals his curse. More than that is revealed though, it seems that Ranma is to be the new Sailor Io, the first of a new bunch of Senshi that are being called to combat a new menace. The Tendo sisters are also called, as are others. Can they cope with the menace that approaches. Can Ranma cope with the changes in his/her life?[4]
Ranma leaves Jusenkyou with his father's ashes after the man drowned in one of the pools (Pool of Drowned Lazy Fat Cheating Dishonorable Old Martial Artist?). Returning to his mother, he finds her accepting of the curse, rather more so than Ranma is comfortable with. Very shortly Makoto makes friends with a new girl at Juuban High School... but who is Kikuko Saotome?[5]

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Episode 1: Two Weeks in Juuban: Kikuko's Tale[edit | edit source]

After Genma Saotome dies at Jusenkyou, Ranma Saotome calls Nodoka Saotome with the news, and that of his curse. Nodoka destroys the "Man amongst Men" pact. Ranma makes it to Nodoka's home in Juuban. As a girl, due to rain. Nodoka decides it would be best for Ranma to attend school as a female ('Kikuko Saotome') to better understand women. At school, Makoto Kino keeps 'Kikuko' from beating up some boys Kikuko feels are getting too nosey. In a shower room accident, (only) Makoto sees Ranma's true gender. The stress of that causes a sigil of Jupiter and an orbiting satellite on Kikuko's forehead. Makoto is shocked, but still accepts Kikuko's invitation to visit her mom. Makoto asks the other senshi about the sigil she saw. Makoto is visited in a dream by the planetary spirit of Jupiter. Kikuko is visited by the Spirit of Io.

Next morning, Makoto shows up at Kikuko's for martial arts practice. Later, Makoto gives Kikuko the Sailor Io transformation pen. At lunch, Ami Mizuno is introduced then invites Kikuko to an after school get together. After school, Kikuko stops by home to change into her male black pants and red shirt. Nodoka realizes Ranma wants to share his secret with another friend. Approaching the meeting, Ranma first runs from the 'moon cats'. After the cats are gone, Ranma shares his true gender with the transformed inners, then has her first transformation to Sailor Io. Ami wants to join martial arts practice. Ranma contemplates staying a girl to hide from her feelings toward Makoto. Nodoka helps Ranma decide to stay male away from school. The next morning, Ami joins martial arts practice. When they get to school, Makoto hints at Kikuko's Senshi identity to Haruka and Michiru.

Episode 2: Three Days in Nerima, Three Sister's Story[edit | edit source]

Kasumi Tendou is there when Souun Tendou gets a call from Nodoka about Genma's death. Souun offers his dojo for services on Sunday. That night, Makoto and Kikuko (again dressed in her male clothing) go to visit Haruka Teno, Hotaru Tomoe, and Michiru Kaioh. The three outers reveal their identities and Ranma reveals his gender and Senshi identity. After dinner, Kikuko performs a kata to a duet by Haruka on piano and Michiru on violin. That night, Kasumi is offered a position as Sailor Titan in a dream and accepts. Next morning, she verifies her sisters slept well and doubts the dream's veracity.

Nabiki Tendou checks her stocks and then bargins with Tatewaki Kunou to make maximize profits on new Akane Tendou pictures. Than night, Nabiki is offered the role of Sailor Callisto, then Charon swoops in and offers her the role of Sailor Charon. Nabiki accepts. Because Sailor Pluto is not available, Nabiki awakens to find her Charon pen under her pillow. She goes to visit Kasumi to see if this is what she dreamt about and shows her the pen. It was and they agree Akane would be the best choice of them all to do this. Akane spends her day jogging and fighting the 'Hentai Horde'. After school, Kasumi rejects Akane's offer of help with dinner. Than night, Akane is offered the position of Sailor Europa. She visits Kasumi, Nabiki shows up, and all three share their secrets about being potential Sailor Senshi. Makoto has dinner with Ranma on Saturday and they discuss plans to travel to the  services in Nerima the next day.

Episode 3: Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Haruka, Hotaru, Makoto, and Ranma all make the trip to Nerima. Souun, the Tendou partriarch, takes Ranma aside for private consultation while Kasuki takes the four girls to Nodoka. Souun introduces Ranma to his three daughters as potential fiancees. Thinking about Makoto, Ranma is hesitant to accept. Akane eventually storms out saying "I hate boys!" Ranma explains to Kasumi that he understands how she feels. Boys can be jerks to girls at school. Akane overhears and is puzzled how a boy would understand her. Ranma tells Nodoka and Makoto about the potential engagement. Ranma assures Makoto he won't let go with a hug.

A monster is seen nearby. In the chaos, sigils manifest on Akane and Kasumi's foreheads. Jupiter gives Akane her pen and Saturn gives Kasumi hers. The three Tendou daughters transform in the dojo... all within sight of Nodoka. After the battle, Io runs off and the other seven Senshi de-transform and return to the house.

Episode 4: Remembrance and Revelation[edit | edit source]

Souun euologizes Genma. Ranma next does the same, but is interrupted by Souun to mention the proposed engagement. Nabiki realizes Ranma already has someone he likes. Kasumi whispers 'father, father, father' and Akane tries to weigh a potential engagement with hurting Makoto. Finally Nodoka spoke a few words. Nabiki overhears Ranma saying good bye to Hotaru and Haruka. Haruka jokingly calls Ranma 'Kikuko-chan', then jokes about Ranma's 'figure'. This piques Nabiki's interest. Makoto and Ami's actions later only heighten Nabiki's curiosity. Later, Nabiki details all her suspicions to her sisters. The three sisters decide to drop in at Ranma's at six the next morning to see what's up.

That evening, Nabiki discusses her misgivings about the engagement with her father. The three Tendou girls show up unannounced the next morning and find out about Kikuko... and Io. Akane is both interested and confused about Ranma. That night, in Kyoto, Ukyou Kuonji is going to bed.

Episode 5: Weep Not for Pluto[edit | edit source]

The opening reveals Pluto imprisoned in Castle Charon by Lady Azurite. Pluto thinks of the nine Neo senshi, including Charon. Ganymede convinces Ukyou to take the role as "Sailor Ganymede"... and move to Tokyo to help the other senshi out. Shampoo is introduced. She and Cologne are on the trail of her 'airen', Ryouga Hibiki. In a dream, Shampoo realizes she is the reincarnation of the Amazon legend "Shanna". In the SIlver Millennium, Shanna was a 'cat advisor' along with Luna, who was her rival for the sole male, Artemis. Now Triton offers Shanna the position of Sailor Triton. She accepts.

Just a short distance away, Ryouga is introduced. Ryouga curses his rival, Ranma and blames Ranma for his 'marriage' to Shampoo. And of course, his Jusenkyou curse makes his life hell... Luna has dreams of Shanna and eagerly awaits her arrival. Shampoo wakes up the next day... but is now a cat. How was it she took human form? Back in her cell in Castle Charon, Pluto sends a soliloquy to a sleeping girl, who also has a nightmare about an Earth devoid of water and life. Pluto observes the girl's reaction and realizes she had chosen well.

Episode 6: And Callisto Makes Seven[edit | edit source]

Makoto is jolted out of bed by an early morning call. Usagi Tsukino told the  caller to call Makoto, who gives directions to Kikuko's. The three Tendou sisters are taking an early morning train to Ranma's, again instigated by Nabiki, due to nightmares this time. Usagi also heads to Ranma's home and contacts the remaining senshi to have them come too. Meanwhile, Shampoo encounters a flood of Shanna's memories. She talks to her Great Grandmother about the situation, then remembers how to become human again. Shampoo and Cologne break camp to find Shampoo's husband in Tokyo. A girl from school interrupts Kikuko's kata. She introduces herself as Naru Osaka. Kikuko is not interested in new students (who aren't Sailor Senshi). Three flashes appear in the street. Kikuko tries to shoo Naru away, then sees her sigil. Jupiter gives Naru Callisto's pen. Callisto and Io transform. Io gives Callisto a pep talk, then Io offers Callisto her hand as they charge into battle.

After victory, both Europa (Akane) and Io are unconscious, but soon revived with Saturn's help. Callisto tells Charon her patron told her 'all about her'. The other Sailor Senshi do not seem to want to reveal their identity to Callisto. Sailor Moon, however is willing to share with her. Both Usagi and Naru are surprised but happy to each see her friend is also a Sailor Senshi. After healing Io and Europa, Saturn is under the weather. Kasumi offers to watch her for the day. Cologne and Shampoo locate Ranma's house. Kikuko is on the way home with Makoto. Shampoo runs up and glomps her friend Ranma. Then asks about Sailor Neptune and the cats. Kikuko takes Cologne and Shampoo into her house while Makoto contacts Neptune. Makoto is both jealous and curious how Shampoo became Ranma's friend. Ukyou departs Kyoto for Tokyo. Having already prepared dinner, Kasumi greets Michiru and Haruka as they return from school.

Episode 7: Old... Friends[edit | edit source]

Ryouga is lost in Juuban. Makoto calls Michiru, explaining she is sending Shampoo, Cologne, and Ranma over to their home and the cats should be there. Haruka and Michiru pointedly discuss Kasumi's future with Kasumi. Nabiki and Akane get detention for coming to school late. Though Akane is angry, Nabiki tearfully discusses the gravity of the situation. They decide to see if they can transfer to Juuban High. Kikuko brings Cologne, Shampoo, and Makoto to the Outer's home. The party goes inside to see Sailors Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Titan. Shampoo transforms to Triton. Kikuko transforms to Io, to Cologne's amazement. Makoto transforms to Jupiter. Jupiter and Io reverse transform to leave before the cats arrive. On the way home, Kikuko explains how she hid his gender when he realized he had to depend on a village of girls for help. So Shampoo doesn't even know he's a boy. Shortly thereafter, Ukyou jumps off a rooftop to confront Kikuko. In the course of combat with Kikuko, the sigil of Ganymede manifests on Ukyou's forehead. Jupiter gives 'him' the pen and Ukyou runs off. When the cats arrive at the Outer's house, Sailor Triton has a flashback. Shanna, Artemis, and Luna were friends since childhood. Shanna was detached to the Amazons to establish relations. While she was gone, Luna and Artemis had a child together. Shanna enjoyed being a human with the amazons, but finally returned to the Moon Palace. Seeing Artemis and Luna had a child, Shanna fled back to the Amazons and became a legendary warrior. Triton transforms to cat and attacks Luna. Cologne uses pressure points to knock Shampoo out before she can injure the other cat. Returning to human form, Shampoo realizes her mistake, apologizes, and is forgiven by Artemis and Luna.

Makoto decides she needs to take the initiative with Ranma and dresses in black jeans and a green top like Ranma's red ones. It's time to see if she can get Ranma to spend the day with her. Makoto drags a not terribly energetic Ranma on a date, to Nodoka's delight. Just a few minutes later, the Tendou family shows up. The two youngest want to transfer to Juuban High. They and Kasumi want to move in with Ranma and Nodoka. Nodoka says Ranma is out with 'friends' for the day. Nodoka asks to speak with the Tendou girls alone. When Kasumi asks nicely, Souun accedes. Nodoka thinks the three want to move in because they are Sailor Senshi. After insisting Ranma didn't tell her, the three girls admit that is the reason. Nodoka also shares Ranma is spending the day with Makoto. After more discussion, Nodoka agrees to the request. On top of Tokyo Tower, Ranma and Makoto look through a telescope courtesy of a mysterious benefactor. On the way back home, Ranma reluctantly decides to grasp Makoto's hand. He is puzzled why she seems to cry when he does it. Naru's boyfriend Gurio Umino sees Naru transform to Callisto. And has a hard time thinking he is worthy of her anymore. He watches a battle featuring Callisto, Io, Triton, Uranus, and Neptune. Azurite's scientist Halite observed the battle. She reports to her mistress that the Planetary Senshi Showed expected degradation of power levels. The Neo Senshi's transformation pens are also degrading.

Episode 8: Naru's World[edit | edit source]

This episode is a first person account by Naru Osaka in her diary. Kikuko and Makoto make bentos for each other... and Akane offers to make one for Kikuko too. Kunou shows up outside school and declares Ami, Haruka, Kikuko, Makoto, Michiru, and Naru all goddesses. Nabiki professes innocence to Akane on Kunou's sudden appearance. Akane, Haruka, Kikuko, and Makoto simultaneously bunch the swordsman and he goes flying over the school. Naru offers some poorly recieved hairdressing tips to Kikuko. Later, at the Saotome home, Shampoo brings dinner, and all the girls transform so seven Sailor Senshi share the meal. Nodoka shows up and tells Io she already knew her secret, making Io happy. After dinner and de-transformation, Naru, Kikuko, Akane, and Makoto all study together. Naru notices white spots on her pen. An emergency meeting convenes at the Saotome home. It looks like transformation times are increasing and Planetary Senshi power levels are decreasing. Naru closes then entry by observing being a Sailor Senshi went from cool and new to scary in just a few days.

Episode 9: A Flash of Silver[edit | edit source]

Mamoru has a dream on a plane in which Earth intimates there will be a second to share his power. Usagi and Naru are waiting for him. Usagi says a lot has happened and Naru is a big part of it. Naru suggests the wait to get someplace private before continuing. They head home. Shaken by Naru's hair tips, Ranma confronts his mother outside, away from the Tendou girls (of course Nabiki listens through an open window). He wants 'Kikuko' to end and reveal his real gender. Nodoka wants to wait. Nabiki silently agrees with Ranma. Ranma admits he likes being Io. He is also really concerned by hurting Naru and Shampoo if/when his curse is revealed. Pluto sends new toys to Nabiki. Mamoru is updated about the Neo Senshi, the white spots, and the Planetary Senshi's declining power. Nabiki, Akane, and Kikuko go together to Makoto's to discuss the 'Kikuko Question'.

Cleaning another's house, a middle aged woman discovers a portrait of two couples, one spouse of each now dead. It had fallen behind a bed. A man watches the woman through a doorway. Was there a way to reunite the shattered families? Ranma's marriage to one of his daughters would. Then another, unnamed, way occurred to him. Earth communicates to a boy in a dream. He is suffused with silver petals and changed inside and out. A much larger creature attacks this time, four times the size of the others. Callisto, Charon, Europa, Io, Jupiter, Titan, and Uranus are all there. Charon uses her first attack. Ganymede shows up and summons a battle spatula to hit it. The spatula shatters. When Callisto is attacked, she is saved by a new warrior, dressed as a Spanish Colonial Don, wearing a silver ribbon with eyeholes as a mask. When he leaves, Jupiter says he is dreamy, and Mercury estimates his coefficient of dreaminess at 0.87. Io gets a touch angsty... a GUY gets a magical attack, after all. But attention and a hug from Jupiter brighten her mood.

Episode 10: Revolutionary Girl Kikuko[edit | edit source]

A woman turns down Titania's offer of Senshihood. Haruka drops Hotaru off at the Saotome's so she can ask Nodoka to borrow a cup of rice Michiru needs. Kikuko lets her inside. Hotaru and Michiru replaced Haruka for the morning training session. Kikuko goes to school in a much larger boy's uniform. Near the school, Nodoka stands in front of her. She says Kikuko is sick. Kikuko denies it. Nodoka asks Kikuko to please come home, 'just for today'. Kikuko says 'okay, then trudges home, pushing off any physical comfort her mother offers. Once Kikuko and Nodoka get home, Kasumi leaves, saying she has to go shopping. After another discussion, Nodoka says she has discovered something interesting. In class, the Planetary Senshi feel another monster attack. The Neos feel the Planetary's  concern. Makoto mentions she felt Io, then clams up.

Halite tells Azurite she has made breakthroughs, but isn't specific. Azurite says to come back with real news. Io wakes up in a cell. The new Neo Senshi Sailor Rhea is with her. Halite, dressed as an "Anti Senshi" ( black for white outfit) uses the cell's silence field to prevent the Senshi's magic. Io suckers Halite in with crocodile tears then uses Amaguriken speed to knock Halite out out. She swipes a pendant with buttons from Halite. Pushing a button summons a blue bubble like the monsters use. She grabs Rhea and they run through. They meet Ryouga as Senshi, then fetch disguises and take a train home with Ryouga. Ryouga tells them all about his worst enemy Ranma. At one point he mistakes Io's flush of embarrassment as one of attraction. Akane, Makoto, Nabiki and Naru all gather at the Saotome house to discuss the disappearance of Ranma... and Nodoka. Ryouga goes on about his woes. Finally, they part company at a train station. The Senshi put their uniforms back on. Meanwhile, Ryouga's curse is activated by a sprinkler. A small animal takes his place amongst his clothes.

Episode 11: Take My Revolution[edit | edit source]

Though Ryouga tries to scamper away, a girl with twin pony tails grabs him. The girl has a talking cat and is Sailor Moon. The bunny swoons when she brings it close to her chest. She names her new pet B-chan. Io and Rhea roof hop for a while, then stop to talk. Hearing enough to realize who they are, Ganymede confronts them. They all de transform. Ukyou tells Ranma and Nodoka about how she was engaged to Ranma and what she had to do when Genma ran off with the dowry. Nodoka points out that revenge is not possible because Genma is dead. She promises Ukyou justice for her suffering. Ukyou decides love and friendship offer a lot more than suffering and bitterness. Nodoka takes the two girls for ice cream. At the Saotome home, Saturn tells Kasumi that Jupiter feels Io is nearby. Nabiki and Kasumi talk about the arranged engagement. They also discuss the possibility of Souun and Nodoka marrying as a way to keep the pact, but allow Makoto and Ranma happiness. Kasumi goes to find Akane. Kasumi sees the shadows of three Sailor Senshi for a moment. Then Kikuko, Nodoka and an unknown girl appear in the doorway. Kikuko is buried in hugs from Makoto, Akane, Shampoo, and Naru. Saturn offers Nodoka a hug. Charon cannot figure out the device Io stole.

Ranma decides to reveal his curse to Shampoo and Naru. During her story, before Kikuko even transforms, Shampoo realizes the truth, slaps Kikuko hard enough to draw blood, then storms out. After transforming to male, Naru backs away from him and leaves. Ranma decides he shouldn't hold back with Makoto either and kisses Jupiter. Charon invites Akane upstairs to talk with herself and Kasumi. Naru runs home. Naru calls up Umino and begs him to come over. Naru confesses she is Callisto and has a crush on the Silver Rose. Umino says he's glad and asks her to transform to Callisto. She does, and finds out Umino is the Silver Rose. Naru's mom opens the door. Silver Rose jumps out the window and lands on garbage cans. Naru has no choice but to confess to her mom as well. Ami arrives with Usagi at the Saotome home. Usagi has brought B-chan. Ami asks Kikuko what happened. Usagi also asks, calling Kikuko Ranma. B-chan turns and sees... a girl.

Kikuko says she and Sailor Rhea got captured. Nodoka transforms to Sailor Rhea. Charon gives a victory sign to Kasumi and Akane, who smile in agrement. Kikuko transforms to Io and tells of their escape. Rhea says they had a nice ride back with an old school friend of Ranma's. Io says she's not sure Ryouga's a friend. B-chan leaps out of Usagi's hands and attacks Io... or at least fails to bite through her gloves. Usagi apologizes for B-chan and squeezes him to her chest. B-chan passes out. The next morning, a sliver of light pours out of Nodoka's room. She was up all night and found the document promising Ukyou as bride for Ranma. She offers Ukyou adoption. Nabiki offers to stay home and help with paperwork. Kikuko is ready for her morning training class. Her first student is Naru, who gives her a bento. She has Umino in tow and asks if Ranma knows a guy who can teach the Silver Rose. Kikuko replies hmmm...

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