John Walter Biles, also writing as Bailesu, is the author of 29 works of Ranma ½ fan fiction.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay (due to his Father being there to work on his dissertation), he lived there until he was nearly two, then moved to Huntsville, Texas, where he has lived off and on for much of his life. Graduating in the top 1% of his class, he then went to Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and got a B.A. in History. He then attended the University of Maryland, getting his MA in History, and the University of Kansas, where he got a Ph.D with Honors in History (British History). He now works as Adjunct Faculty at Lonestar-Montgomery College and Sam Houston State University, but has also taught at Angelina College-Livingston and the Texas A&M main campus (wonderful students, terrible roads).

He got his start in Ranma ½ fan fiction, branched out to Sailor Moon fan fiction and has written for many other series as well; he has now been writing fanfic for nearly half his life and expects to keep writing until he drops dead.

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  2. Ranma ½ characters make cameo appearances in this non-Ranma ½ fan fic in the episode entitled Moon and Earth.
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