Just Add Water is written by Rebecca Ann Heineman and began online publication on November 11th, 2002.[1] It was completed on December 6th, 2002.[1]


Life is never easy for Ranma, what with being a part-time girl and Senshi. However he has managed to keep the secret from his new school, until now that is. Now that secret is out the madness that used to be present at Furinkan is bound to return. And it does, along with a more serious challenge when Happosai goes a bit too far...[2]

Time has been set back onto it's proper course and life returned to normal. Well, almost normal if you can call a short 300 year old panty thief normal. Happosai vows revenge against Ranma for taking away his silky darlings and summons a terrible demon to punish Ranma. Things don't go as planned as the demon has his own agenda for world domination.[3]

Ranma against Happosai unleashing a terrible demon on the world and the Senshi have to deal with it.[4]


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Chapter 1: Slippery When WetEdit

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Chapter 8: Bridal TrainingEdit

Chapter 9: The First VictimEdit

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Chapter 11: Memories of RankoEdit

Chapter 12: PreparationsEdit

Chapter 13: Moment of TriumphEdit

Chapter 14: I Love You!Edit

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