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Kodachi Kuno is Tatewaki Kuno's younger sister, whose revelation of kinship is only made in her second episode/chapter.


The self-proclaimed "Black Rose of St. Hebereke Girls High School", Kodachi Kuno is a master of the fighting style "Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics" and, while her general skill level may only be about the same as her brother's, she's a ruthlessly pragmatic fighter who is completely willing to use poisons and cheating to overcome her foe. Like her brother, she is unaware that Ranma Saotome changes into a girl when wet, but in her case that's because she's only seen Ranma transform once, in a situation where the switch could have been a variant of the Ninja Log (and that's in the manga — the anime version has never seen Ranma change forms), and no attempt has been made to explain it to her (unlike her brother). She fell obsessively in love with Ranma after he saved her from falling off of a roof, though he was the one who knocked her off in the first place, and refuses to let his reluctance to be near her and her lack of an official tie to him keep her away.

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  • Some fics have Kodachi offer Genma Saotome good amount of money, valuables, sake, etc, in order to become an 'official' fiancée for Ranma.

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