Lesbian ½ is written by Donny Cheng and began online publication on April 20th, 1999.[1] It currently stands incomplete at nine chapters, the most recent of which was published on November 22nd, 1999.[2]


What if Ranma started the series off as a lesbian along with every girl in the Ranmaverse? [3]

At age 6, Ukyo persuades Ranma that girls are better. This causes Ranma to spend the next 10 years trying to become the exact opposite of Genma, on the basis that Genma is trying to get him to be a Man amongst Men, so doing the opposite would make him a Woman amongst Women. And the Jusenkyo curse was a gift from heaven! But Ranma does still like girls. How will the Tendos cope with the charming girl that is Ranma?[4]


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  • Chapter 1 20/04/99
  • Chapter 1 (revision) 20/04/99
  • Chapter 2 22/04/99
  • Chapter 3 24/04/99
  • Chapter 4 26/04/99
  • Chapter 5 10/05/99
  • Chapter 6 01/06/99
  • Chapter 7 25/06/99
  • Chapter 8 12/10/99
  • Chapter 9 22/11/99

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